Balls of life


In our tireless mission to build a more sustainable and greener world, we are pleased to present you with an innovative and practical solution: “Balls of life”. This indoor reforestation technique has been carefully designed to overcome the space and time limitations that often hinder traditional reforestation efforts.

“Balls of life” represent a step forward in our fight for a greener and healthier future. But what makes them so special? These balls are much more than simple spheres of soil and seeds, they are symbols of hope and concrete action in the restoration of our damaged ecosystems.

Imagine a world where reforestation is no longer limited by physical access or soil quality. With “Balls of life,” we can reach areas that are difficult to access, such as land affected by forest fires or regions where the soil is too difficult to work for traditional planting This technique gives us the opportunity to actively participate in the recovery of these ecosystems without the need for physical relocation, making it a practical and accessible solution for everyone who shares our passion for the environment.

But “Balls of life” go beyond reforestation. We want to harness the power of these small spheres to promote the creation of school gardens. Imagine children planting these balls and then watching in amazement as their own plants grow and flourish. This experience will not only teach them about the plant life cycle but also give them a sense of connection and responsibility toward the nature that surrounds them.

And that’s not all. With a variety of “Balls of life,” we will not only be planting trees but also incorporating fruit and vegetable seeds. Over time, these healthy and sustainable foods will become an integral part of children’s diets, promoting nutritious eating habits and a greater appreciation for the benefits that nature provides us.

In summary, “Life Balls” represent much more than just a simple reforestation technique. They are a symbol of hope, action, and commitment to a greener and healthier future for next generations. We invite you to join us on this exciting adventure and be part of the change that our planet so desperately needs. Together, we can make a difference!


    "Life Balls" offer an innovative and practical solution for reforestation, overcoming space and time limitations.


    They facilitate participation in ecosystem recovery, reaching areas that are difficult to access without the need for physical relocation.


    Include a variety of fruit and vegetable seeds, promoting a healthy diet and a greater appreciation for natural benefits.


    Promote the creation of school gardens, providing children with a hands-on learning experience about the plant life cycle and responsibility toward nature.


  • Activity explanation
  • Explanation of the simple reforestation technique with mulch, clay, and seeds
  • Practical guide for creating seed balls.
  • Explanation of the suitability of the method for areas affected by forest fires and difficult access.

Additional information

Language: Spanish, english, french

Number of people: from 20 to 400

Duration: 1.5h approx

Availability: All year round, subject to availability

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