Natural Homes


After successfully completing the reforestation of an area, the next crucial step is repopulation. This phase goes beyond restoring the flora, seeking to create adapted homes for native animals. The goal is to provide them with a comfortable and safe space that encourages them to return and settle in their original habitat.

This initiative is not just about planting trees; its focus is on revitalizing and rebuilding entire ecosystems. It recognizes the fundamental importance of preserving biodiversity, understanding that each species, regardless of its size, plays a crucial role in the balance of the ecosystem.

The construction of customized shelters for native animals and insects will be carried out. This process involves not only the creation of “houses”, but also the detailed exploration of habitats and behaviors of various species. This educational experience seeks to raise awareness of the challenges these creatures face due to environmental changes, promoting greater awareness of our responsibility towards wildlife conservation.

The team of experts will be present to share their vast knowledge on the importance of preserving wildlife. You will learn about the interconnectedness between species and how our actions directly impact their lives and environments.

A unique feature is the ability to take these cottages home, which amplifies biodiversity awareness in local environments and serves as a tangible reminder of our commitment to conservation. Imagine having a small insect shelter in your garden, contributing to preserve biodiversity in your own space.

We invite you to unleash your creativity and join us in this adventure of building homes for wildlife. Each house you build will be a testament to our collective commitment to conservation and a tangible contribution to maintaining the richness and beauty of the nature that surrounds us. Together we are building a more harmonious future for all life forms on our planet!


    Priority is given to the creation of adapted spaces for local fauna, beyond just planting trees.


    The aim is to revitalize entire ecosystems rather than simply restore forest areas.


    An educational experience is offered to raise awareness of the challenges facing local species and the importance of preserving biodiversity.


    The community is invited to build wildlife refuges, promoting a collective commitment to conservation.


  • Handing out of materials with a brief introduction to the purpose of the day.
  • Talk on local habitats and species behavior.
  • Practical guide for building shelters and teamwork.
  • Appreciation, reflection on social responsibility and group commitment to conservation.

Additional information

Language: Spanish, english, french

Number of people:from 20 to 200 people

Duration: 2h

Availability: All year round, subject to availability

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