The reforestation initiative arose as a response to the devastating forest fires, seeking not only to repair the damage, but also to promote environmental awareness and community participation. The planned day is meticulously organized, with volunteers divided into groups led by reforestation experts. Prior to planting, a detailed presentation is given on the affected area and the importance of the work to be done.

Each team receives specialized tools and native trees selected to ensure their adaptation to the local environment, guaranteeing effective and sustainable reforestation. A highlight is that each participant will have the opportunity to plant their own native tree, symbolizing a personal commitment and leaving a tangible mark on the land.

The team has highly trained professionals and the necessary material is provided to guarantee the efficient development of the activity. Close collaboration with local environmental authorities ensures that actions are aligned with long-term conservation strategies.

In addition to reforestation, there is the option of a community breakfast or lunch, strengthening ties among participants and allowing the exchange of experiences on environmental preservation.

In short, this initiative represents a collective commitment to revitalize ecosystems and build a more sustainable future. Each tree planted is a step towards the restoration and preservation of biodiversity, reminding us that together we can make a difference in protecting our environment.


    The idea of planting trees was born as a response to the fires. We want to repair the damage and make people care more about nature.


    The activity is meticulously prepared, dividing people into groups and offering an explanation by an expert before starting.


    Special tools are used and trees that are good for the site are planted. We want to make sure the trees grow well and help the environment.


    After planting trees, everyone comes together to share a meal and talk about their experience. The objective is to encourage the participants to get together and share their experiences in order to learn and take better care of the environment together.


  • Selection of the reforestation area
  • Welcome briefing and presentation
  • Explanation of the objectives and local flora (by a professional specialist)
  • Start of planting processes (preparation, digging, watering, protection of newborn trees, etc.).
  • Evaluation and “sharing of reflections” experienced during the day – Debriefing

Additional information

Language: Spanish, english, french

Number of people: from 20 to 500

Number of people: from 20 to 500

Availability: All year round, subject to availability

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