What is it?

Sponsoring is a beautiful example of how companies and individuals can contribute significantly to environmental conservation and fostering biodiversity through a small donation. When becoming a sponsor of trees or bushes, you can stablish a special bond with nature, allowing a direct and tangible connection with the land that nourishes and sustains our lives.

By participating in this project, you’re not only promoting forest replantation but also planting a seed for a greener and more sustainable future for next generations. Each tree planted represents a commitment to the restoration and protection of natural ecosystems, as well as a valuable contribution to the fight against climate change.

Collaborating with the NGO Almijara adds an additional level of assurance and professionalism to the project. By relying on experts in the field, such as those who are part of this organization, it ensures that the trees are planted and cared for properly, thus maximizing their chances of survival and healthy growth.

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Having one of these trees as yours is knowing that with its growth, as many studies prove, your tree will absorb around 20kg of co2 per year. With a total of 22 trees, the oxygen demand of one person per day is met. Currently, there is an estimated total of 3 trillion trees in the world, which equates to 422 trees per person. However, even though this number may seem high, we are still far from reaching the required number of trees to ensure optimal oxygen levels. Nevertheless, with this measure, we are contributing to getting closer to that goal.

Sponsor a tree

Plant your seed in honor of the future, the future we leave to all those who come after us, so they can say we harvested for them a future of clean air and green natural landscapes. Every tree that sprouts is a legacy for future generations, a promise of life in a world that craves sustainability and harmony with nature.

With each seed planted, we sow hope and renewal, building a more prosperous and resilient tomorrow for generations to come.

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