Build and Donate a Bike


“Build a Bike” is an exciting workshop designed for corporate groups looking to strengthen teamwork while making a significant contribution to those in need.

In this workshop, each team takes on the exciting task of building their own bicycle. However, the fun and solidarity go beyond the construction process: each bike created will be donated to an NGO, bringing joy and mobility to those in need.

The construction process is a challenging experience where each team overcomes challenges to obtain parts and tools. These challenges test physical and mental skills, fostering strategic decision-making and effective role allocation within the team.

The choice of who faces challenges and who focuses on construction adds strategy and collaboration. Communication and coordination are key for each team to successfully complete their bicycle.

The lasting impact lies within the community: these bicycles not only represent fun on wheels but also offer many children the joy and freedom of having their own bicycle.

Through this workshop, participants strengthen bonds within the team and experience the power of making a difference in others’ lives. It’s more than a corporate activity: it’s an opportunity to combine fun with generosity and solidarity, creating a positive impact on society. Join and build not only bicycles but also unforgettable moments and lasting smiles.


    The workshop involves corporate groups in building bicycles that are then donated to an NGO, strengthening teamwork and helping those in need.


    During construction, teams face challenges that test physical and mental skills, promoting strategic decision-making and effective role allocation.


    Coordination among team members is essential to overcome challenges and successfully complete the construction of bicycles.


    The donated bicycles offer joy and freedom to needy children, leaving a positive footprint in the community and strengthening bonds among workshop participants.


  • Explanation of the charitable purpose of donating bicycles to an NGO.
  • Start of various challenges to obtain parts and tools necessary for building the bicycles.
  • Teams decide roles and begin building their own bicycles with the obtained parts and tools.
  • Upon completion, a talk will be given about the process of donating the bicycles to the chosen NGO.

Additional information

Language: Spanish, english, french

Number of people:from 20 to 300

Duration: 2h-3h approx

Availability: All year round, subject to availability

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