Charity scavenger hunt


“Charity Scavenger Hunt” is a unique experience that combines fun, teamwork, local cultural exploration, and solidarity. Participants are divided into teams and receive an iPad with geolocation and a personalized map full of challenges and solidarity missions. The key is to accumulate points, which are exchanged for essential products donated to a local NGO at the end of the activity.

Equipped with a backpack with necessary materials, teams face tests that challenge their wit and skills, connecting them with the cultural essence of the local community. The activity promotes solidarity in action: by completing challenges, participants directly contribute to improving the quality of life for those facing difficulties.

In addition to the satisfaction of helping, ” Charity Scavenger Hunt ” develops skills such as collaboration, problem-solving, and quick decision-making. It also allows for the exploration and appreciation of the cultural richness of the area through historical, artistic, or traditional tests.

This experience goes beyond being a game, leaving a lasting impact on both participants and the lives of those they are helping. Join us for a day full of emotions, laughter, and significant positive impact. Make every challenge count in ” Charity Scavenger Hunt “!


    Combines fun, teamwork, cultural exploration, and solidarity.


    Teams use iPads to overcome challenges and accumulate points, which are then exchanged for products donated to a local NGO.


    Promotes collaboration, problem-solving, and quick decision-making.


    Leaves a significant mark on participants and beneficiaries, strengthening the sense of social responsibility.


  • Interactive game presentation and explanation of point accumulation for exchanging for essential products destined to be donated to an NGO.
  • Each team receives their backpack and iPad.
  • Teams work together to accumulate points while completing assigned tasks.
  • Thank you to participants for their effort and solidarity. Information about point redemption and donation to the NGO.

Additional information

Language: Spanish, english, french

Number of people: from 20 to 400

Duration: 3h approx

Availability: All year round, subject to availability

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