Beach cleaning


Immerse yourself in an exciting day dedicated to preserving our beaches, those vital spaces for our enjoyment and gatherings throughout much of the year. Our goal is clear: to rid these areas of litter, plastics, and waste that threaten their natural beauty and the marine life they harbour.

This collaborative experience with the environment goes beyond a simple cleanup; it represents an active commitment to protect and restore our coastal environments. We will begin with a brief technical explanation about the crucial importance of these actions, reminding us that keeping beaches free of pollution preserves their splendour and protects the diverse fauna that depends on these spaces to survive.

We will provide essential materials and tools: trash bags, gloves, litter pickers, caps, and vests, protecting participants from the sun and identifying them as committed guardians of our beaches.

To optimize the cleanup, we will divide the group into teams that will cover different areas of the beach. Collaboration and teamwork will be essential for our common goal: a clean and healthy beach.

Professional monitors will guide the activity, offering valuable information about marine conservation and being available to guide participants. We will ensure that we have the necessary municipal permits and provide water to keep everyone hydrated.

“Taking Care of Our Beaches” is an invitation to enjoy nature, learn about the importance of preserving our marine environment, and contribute directly to the health and beauty of our beaches. Join this initiative with a lasting impact on the protection of our precious coastal ecosystem. Together, we will make a difference!


    Focuses on cleaning and protecting beaches from litter and plastics, highlighting their importance for human enjoyment and marine life.


    Invites participation in a collaborative day to protect and restore coastal environments, beyond a simple cleanup.


    Materials are provided, and teams are organized for effective cleanup, emphasizing the importance of teamwork.


    Includes information about the importance of marine conservation and the presence of professional monitors to offer guidance, promoting learning and awareness about the protection of the coastal ecosystem.


  • Brief technical talk about the importance of beach cleaning to prevent harm to marine fauna.
  • Distribution of materials and tools.
  • Use of trash bags, gloves, litter pickers, caps, and vests to ensure effective cleanup.
  • Thank you to participants for their contribution to caring for the marine ecosystem.

Additional information

Language: Spanish, english, french

Number of people: from 20 to 400

Duration: 2h to 4h

Availability: All year round, subject to availability

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