Urban Gardens


With this activity we will embark on an adventure where nature and creativity merge to grow not only plants, but also bonds. Our first step is to build our own “planter” using wooden planks. This process will not only challenge us to work together as a team, but will also allow us to express our creativity by decorating it with paint. Each brushstroke will be a unique expression of our team spirit and our individual personalities.

Once our planters are ready and are true masterpieces, it’s time to dive into the world of urban horticulture. We will carefully plant flower seedlings, not only to beautify our surroundings, but also to nurture our spirit of collaboration and mutual care.

In addition, through this activity, we also seek to encourage the emergence of bees and other key pollinators in our urban environments. By growing flowers in our gardens, we create welcoming habitats that not only beautify our community, but also provide vital shelter and food for bees. With every plant we grow together, we contribute to the maintenance of biodiversity and the ecological balance of our urban environment.

Just as plants need constant care and attention, our team also needs to be nurtured with open communication, mutual support and a positive working environment. By working together to make our urban gardens flourish, we will also strengthen our bonds and cultivate a sense of community that will last well beyond this day.

So let’s get down to work, let the adventure begin and let our urban gardens bear witness to the beauty we can create together!


  • Handing out of materials with a brief introduction to the purpose of the day.

  • Talk on the benefits of promoting vegetable gardens in urban areas.

  • A practical guide to building planters as a team.

  • Appreciation, reflection on social responsibility and group commitment to conservation.

Additional information

Language: Spanish, english, french

Number of people:from 20 to 200 people

Duration: 2h

Availability: All year round, subject to availability

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